Atomic PomPom Sindiagirl



Date of birth: 25/04/2013

Place of birth: Italy

Colour: Chocolate (not carrying yellow)



Breeder: Sindia Cendi

Scarlaw BJ's Tatonka Stout (USA) X Promises Of The Pyramid Woodstack (Holland)


Dentition: Full

Hips: A-A

Elbows: 0-0

CNM: Clear (by parentage)

EIC: Carrier

HNPK: Normal (by parentage)

Eyes: Optigen A (by parentage) - Eyes check 26.01.2015

Inbreeding: 7,9%


In the care of De Luca family's love: Lia, Roberto, Veronica and Simone!

Thank you guys to take such a good care of Mia!


Show's results

2° Excellent _ CAC FERRARA 5.04.2014 Youthclass - Judge: A. Zeppi

3° Very Promising _ CLUBMATCH ORBETELLO 6.10.2013 Baby class - Judge: J. F. Vandoni

Mia's mum and dad

Mia's offspring

Puppies out of Mia X Scotch (Lab'SPb You Tell'Em) - 17.04.2015

"Sindia's Dare To Dream" Terra

"Sindia's Da Da Da Daaan" Dana

"Sindia's Dropbox" Otello

"Sindia's Daiquiri" Watson

"Sindia's Desert Breeze" Maya

"Sindia's Derby Dolls" Birba

"Sindia's Domino Effect" Blue

"Sindia's Dressed In Black" Heidi

"Sindia's Delicious" Rory

"Sindia's Dark Scarlet" Scarlet