About us

We are a small hobby kennel, located in Pistoia, about 30 minutes far from Firenze, Tuscany.


Ever since I was a little girl I always wished for a dog's companionship and I have always believed  that if you fight and struggle ...dreams can come true.


As years passed by, my first yellow Labrador finally came in my life, she opened the door to my dream, which is my reality today.

Her name is "Eddy"  and she became part of my life in February 2005. She was a puppy at Guide Dog School for Blind, where my family and I took her in as foster owners for her first year of life. Eddy was not allowed to accomplish her task due to a bad case of dysplasis. The school let us keep her, so she became ours forever.

Thanks to Eddy it was a lot easier for me to choose what to do in life, I decided to attend Veterinary Medicine Faculty of the University of Pisa, where I graduated in "Techniques of dog breeding and training" . I'm finishing my studies with a Master in "Canine Training".

Eddy helped me with my internship and I owe to her for who I am today.

She represents the cornerstone of my breeding, even though she does not carry the breed.


"Mora" is the real star of my dream come true, she's the progenitor of my breeder, and a inseparable companion for me, she's a dark chocolate and comes from Holland.

Then I have "Nemesi"  that comes from cold Russia. She's a beautiful black female sweetheart , with a very pleasing expression.


This is the beginning of my future, I have a wonderful life, full of love and warmth, studies and many projects to full fill. A life that my Labradors and I live each day with joy and happiness, waiting to see what tomorrow will reserve us.





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