MULTI CH Lab'SPb You Tell'Em








Date of birth: 29/07/2013

Place of birth: Russia

Colour: yellow (not carrying chocolate)


Breeder: Olga Egorova - Lab'SPb kennel

AM GCH & CAN CH Gateway's Nothin' But Trouble (USA) X RUS CH & RUS, EST, LTU, CLUB JCH Lab' SPb Idea Fix (RUS)


Hips: A - A (0:0 willis)

Elbows: 0 - 0

CNM: Clear (by parentage)

EIC: Clear (by parentage)

HPNK: Clear

RD/OSD: Clear

Heart: echo doppler clear 04.07.2018

prcd-PRA: Normal (by parentage) - Eyes check 23.2.2022

Coat Length: Clear (two copies of the short coat allele)

Inbreeding: 2,8%


Thank you again Anastasia and Olga for your trust!

Scotch is the first yellow into our team. I have high hopes and ambitions for him. He's a sweet, smart and adorable guy, and his pedigree speaks for itself!

Show's results

1° Excellent, CAC VDH, CAC DRC _ CACIB OFFENBURG 9.03.2019 Working Class - Judge: N. Kersten

1° Excellent, CAC, CACIB & BOB _ CACIB FERRARA 13.05.2018 Open Class - Judge: M. Connolly

2° Excellent, RCAC VDH _ CACIB OFFENBURG 10.03.2018 Open Class - Judge: E. Deutscher

2° Excellent, RCAC & RCACIB _ CACIB CESENA 28.01.2018 Open Class - Judge: D. Di Matteo

2° Excellent, RCAC _ CACIB MODENA 6.01.2018 Open Class - Judge: G. Fulgenzi

1° Excellent, CAC _ CLUBMATCH CESENA 12.11.2017 Open Class - Judge: B. Gilchrist (Blackthorn Labradors)

1° Excellent, CAC DRC, CAC VDH, BOS _ DRC Speciality 16.09.2017 Open Class - Judge: A. Stepinski

1° Excellent, CAC DRC, CAC VDH _ DRC Speciality 9.07.2017 Open Class - Judge: G. Halff Van Boven

2° Excellent, RCAC VDH _ CACIB KARLSRUHE 13.11.2016 Open Class - Judge: B. Hodge (Naiken Labradors)

1° Excellent, CAC VDH _ CACIB KARLSRUHE 12.11.2016 Open Class - Judge: R. Bott (Allenie Labradors)

1° Excellent, RCAC & RCACIB _ CACIB BLEISWIJK 6.11.2016 Open Class - Judge: G. Toeters

1° Excellent, RCAC & RCACIB _ CACIB BLEISWIJK 5.11.2016 Open Class - Judge: G. Groeneweg (Of The BArking Voices Labradors)

1° Excellent, CAC VDH, CAC LCD, Best Male & BOB _ LCD Speciality RATHEIM 24.09.2016 Open Class - Judge: M. Hepper (Mardas Labradors)

1° Excellent, CAC DRC, CAC VDH, BOS, Sieger Niedersachsen _ SPEZIAL RASSEHUNDE-AUSSTELLUNG WINSEN/LUHE 26.06.2016 Open Class - Judge: G. Groeneweg (Of The Barking Voices Labradors)

"Yellow, lovely type, lovely head and expression, well pigmentated, good earset, lovely neck and shoulder. Good forechest, level topline, well angulated front and rear. Nice bone and feet, lovely wagging otter tail. Good coat. Moves very well. Well presented."

1° Excellent, R.CAC & R.CACIB _ CACIB TILBURG "DE BARONIE" 4.06.2016 Open Class - Judge: G. Halff Van Boven

1° Excellent, R.CAC & R.CACIB _ CACIB AREZZO 14.02.2016 Open Class - Judge: N. Davidovic

"Nailing dog, good size, strong masculine head with kind expression. Good neck, shoulder and back. Deep chest, strong bone. Excellent angulations front and rear. Typical tail, good carrying. Lovely temperament. Free movement."

3° Excellent _ CACIB PISTOIA 13.08.2016 Open Class - Judge: H. Fryckstrand

"Strong and powerfull boy, masculine and well balanced head. Nice expression. Lovely neck and front angulation. Fantastic bone. Excellent ribs. Very deep body, short back. Leveled topline. Good tailset. Nice rears with short hocks. Moves well, bit closed behind. Correct coat quality, not perfect today."

1° Excellent _ CAC GROSSETO 03.05.2015 Intermediate Class - Judge: J.L. Blais (Chablais Labradors)

1° Excellent, CAC, Best Male _ CAC LIVORNO 8.03.2015 Intermediate Class - Judge: J. Matejcic

1° Excellent, R.CAC _ CACIB MODENA 1.02.2015 Intermediate Class - Judge: I. Vigozov

5° Excellent _ CACIB PADOVA 24.01.2015 Intermediate Class - Judge: F. Whyte

1° Excellent BOS Youth, SLOVENIAN JUNIOR WINNER 2015, CRUFTS QUALIFICATION 2016 _ CACIB LJUBLJANA 18.01.2015 Youthclass - Judge: B. Krumpak (Tylah Labradors)

1° Excellent CAC-SLO _ CLUBMATCH LJUBLJANA 17.01.2015 Intermediate Class - Judge: M. Krancan

1° Excellent CAC-SLO _ CACIB LJUBLJANA 17.01.2015 Intermediate Class - Judge: M. Ceccarelli

2° Excellent _ CACIB ROMA 20.12.2014  Intermediate Class - Judge: A. Brace

1° Excellent BOS Youth _ CLUBMATCH SINALUNGA 05.10.2014 Youthclass - Judge: P. Itkonen (Countrylove Labradors)

2° Excellent _ CACIB ROMA 21.09.2014 Youthclass - Judge: T. Peixoto (Real Corte Labradors)

3° Excellent _ Puppy&Veteran Show TABIANO BAGNI 14.09.2014 Junior 10-14 months - Judge: F. Gilroy (Claychalk Labradors)

2° Excellent _ CACIB PRATO 14.06.2014 Youthclass - Judge: M. Armstrong

2° Excellent _ CACIB FIRENZE 18.05.2014 Youthclass - Judge: O. Sinko

1° Very Promising - BOS Puppy _ CAC FERRARA 05.04.2014 Puppy Class - Judge: A. Zeppi

4° Very Promising _ CLUBMATCH MILAN 11.01.2014 Babyclass - Judge: R. Agostini (Rosemade Labradors)


Scotch's mum & dad

Trouble won the Potomac Speciality 2013

Some puppies sired by Scotch


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